Kenya Safari Packages

Kenya Safari

Say “Safari” and the first country to pop into your head is Kenya! And with good reason as Kenya has it all – incredible vistas, variety of game reserve options, easy access, proven track record and good value. Kenya Safari Packages must be your first choice.

The added beauty with Kenya is that you can easily take in a number of parks and reserves within a fourteen day safari. Further the range of accommodation options is vast from back-packer style to private tented camps thus a Kenya Safari package can be structured to meet your budget.

An obvious starting point for any Kenya Safari Package is Nairobi – an International airport makes for global access, and the city has all that you need for safari preparation including luxury hotels to pamper you before and after your safari experience. Fly in on an evening flight and you could be having brunch with elephants the next day.

Masaai Mara, Mount Kenya, the Pink Lake, Tree Tops are all names that you will hear mentioned with reverence around any camp fire and they, and much more, are readily available in most Kenya Safari packages. All year round good weather leads to great game viewing – though the annual migration from Tanzania’s Serengeti to Kenya’s Maasa Mara is certainly the ultimate viewing experience. The mass of plains game normally start arriving in August and move through the Maasai Mara National Reserve until late October. But remember Kenya has an abundance of game all year round so do not just limit yourself to this high season time. Talk to some of the service providers like Kenya’s Safari Village Expeditions, to guide you in choosing the best option.

Whilst all the parks and reserves will spoil you with the Big Five, some have a greater abundance of say elephant and rhino while others will be a birders paradise. Sometimes it is the small and obvious things that you remember: monkeys having fun in the trees, teasing each other; a curious mongoose popping up like a Jack in the Box only to freeze in fear; or the cute but ugly back-end of a warthog, with aerial like-tail disappearing into the long grass will bring a smile to your face in years to come.

Kenya has more than just great safaris with a huge variety of animals: any Kenya safari package worth its salt will include the amazing friendly people of Kenya – in particular the elegant tall Masaai who for centuries have been the custodians of Kenya’s wildlife: they were the original eco – warriors!

If you wish to throw a tropical beach into your Kenya Safari package, ask your agent about returning home via Mombasa – this will give you a few days of unspoilt beaches, crystal clear water all backed by luxury resorts subtly blended into the environment. Kenya calls.