Kenya safari tours & packages 

Most of Kenya’s parks and reserves are well serviced by spectacular Safari Lodges. These allow the tourist to experience the harsh African climate, yet be pampered in style to ease the aches of long game drives.

Most multiday Kenya safari tours use these lodges as stop over points as many are of a high international standard, geographically well- placed and some are even a destination in itself. Tree Tops in Aberdares National Park is an example of the latter as over 60 years ago a young Princess Elizabeth stayed there, famously entering as a princess and leaving as a queen (as her father passed away while Elizabeth was there).

The majority of the Kenya Safari Lodges offer fully serviced accommodation, swimming pools, spa and beauty treatments and more. All this is generally packaged into a building that blends into the environment and the staff coming from local communities. This means that all the employees are committed to providing outstanding service and can also inform you of the local history, culture and activities. The lodges are also, generally, decorated with local art and artifacts, and also have such items for sale. Some lodges are actually tented camps – which gives you the sensation of sleeping under the stars but with all the luxury and trappings that you would expect from a conventional safari lodge.

We pride ourselves in knowing that the lodges that we use on all of our Kenya safari tours are of a high standard and will please the tourist as good value for the money spent.

In the late 19th century and early 20th century the person with an adventurous spirit could set off to explore the heart of deep, dark Africa. On his journey, this person would encounter wild animals, untamed territory and cultures completely foreign to those of his western, European origins. Today, the person with the same adventurous spirit can explore the same Africa by embarking on Kenya safari tours. This adventurer will come close to the same species of game such as elephant, lion, rhino, buffalo and leopard amongst many others, will traverse the same plains of the Masai Mara and will experience the same traditional cultures such as the elegant, long-necked Masai tribe. However, unlike in the days of old, this adventurer simply needs to contact us to make it all happen.

There are many advantages of using us for your Kenya safari tours. We are licensed by the Kenya Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife so you can rest assured that we will conduct your Kenya safari tours in an ethical and professional manner. We run our own fleet of vehicles and negotiate with hotels, tented camps and lodges to ensure that we can offer our clients the best value for money.

So what sort of Kenya safari tours can you expect? You could have a tour of 3 days up to 11 days; you could visit the world-famous Masai Mara Reserve only or include a variety of Kenya and Tanzania National Parks in your itinerary; you could expect to see Africa’s Big Five, many species of bird life, pink flamingos at Lake Nakuru as well as archaeological sites, traditional villages and luxury lodges or tented camps – whichever takes your fancy. Most importantly, though, with our Kenya safari tours, you will deal with born and bred Kenyans who are committed to giving you a memorable Kenya safari tours to remember for all time.

Kenya has over fifty national parks and reserves making up an area of over 65000 square kilometers. The parks vary in what they offer, from Big Five to awesome birding and archaeological and geological experiences. Choose a Kenya safari that best suits your pocket and time frame. The more popular Kenya safaris are 6 day excursions that cover two to three different parks and cost around US$1400 per person.

Besides the reasonable cost of Kenya Safaris the other advantages are a fair climate and that most of the parks are easily accessible from Nairobi either by air or road with trip duration’s of two to five hours.

The most popular area for Kenya safari is the Masai Mara Reserve as it is the site of the renowned annual migration of game (over two million animals) from the Serengeti and across the Mara River into Kenya. This takes place around July to October of each year.

Other popular reserves are Tsavo East and West, Samburu, Aberdares and Amboseli as they all offer the Big Five and some particular specialty.

For bird lovers on a Kenya safari, the Lake Nakuru National Park which is the home of over a million Pink Flamingos and more than four hundred other bird species must be on your list.

Mount Kenya National Park (a World Heritage site) offers amazing biodiversity. Here you will get close to large herds of elephant with the iconic snow capped peak of Mount Kenya as a backdrop.

Where ever you do decide to go on Kenya safari, you will meet excellent East African hospitality and service of international standards and have a wildlife adventure of a lifetime.

Experience the ultimate wildlife experience and take a Kenya safari, the land many refer to as the cradle of mankind. Kenya offers Africa’s Big five –elephant, rhino, lion, buffalo, and leopard – and what better way to see these animals than taking a safari in Kenya with the Safari Village Online tour operator. You can choose which reserves you wish to visit or choose one of the tailor-made packages.

Fly into Nairobi and experience a day of this city’s delights before heading to quiet of the bush. You can start your Kenya safari with a visit to the Aberdare National Park in the Great Rift Valley. Apart from the day-time game drives, you can even visit a flood-lit water-hole at night to experience some of Kenya’s Big Five as they come down in the peace to drink.

Then continue your Kenya safari the next day with a visit to the Samburu National Reserve, a great place to take in Kenya’s extensive bird life as well as its culture – you are able to visit a traditional village in the Samburu. Samburu might be a semi-arid area, but it is home to the reticulated giraffe, Grevy’s Zebra, Beisa Oryx, and the long necked gerenuk.

Your safari in Kenya could also include a visit to Lake Nakuru, home to the magnificent pink flamingo. You might think that the lake is coloured pink as the masses of flamingo cluster together changing the landscape into a little girl’s fairy-land.

Of course, no safari in Kenya would be complete without a visit to the world-re-knowned Masai-Mara Reserve. If you are able to go on Kenya safari in the three month window of July to August, you may witness the annual migration of wildebeest and zebra as they fight their way across the crocodile-infested Mara River. This is the ultimate Kenya safari wildlife experience.